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Eight Healing Benefits of Art

One of the brilliant aspects of art as a hobby is that is accessible to anyone and offers a range of mediums to explore. It is not just for those who are artistically inclined either – simply the desire to create and express yourself can have many lasting positive benefits.

Art is open to everyone and there are no particular rules to create it, as it is all about exploring and creating and allowing our patience to develop and grow as we experiment with the hobby and use it to help express ourselves and to develop skills.

In addition, art can also be used to boost emotional wellbeing, both for ourselves as well as others when used as a therapeutic tool. 

So how can we use art to enrich our lives? Read onto to discover more.

1. Improved hand-eye coordination

Like many hobbies, a wonderful benefit of art as a hobby is its positive physical benefits, in particular the improved hand-eye coordination that comes from the physical act of creating. This allows us to strengthen our dexterity, strength and physical flexibility.

2. Better physical and mental health

Creating artwork can promote physical and mental health, as well as wellbeing. The patience it promotes helps to reduce cortisol, a steroid hormone which can exacerbate underlying health conditions, especially those related to stress and anxiety. Art can offer a relief from such feelings and instead promote positivity. It is no surprise then that it is frequently used as a therapeutic tool.

Creating art can also boost our immune system as it helps boost cytokines, which in turn can boost our physical wellbeing.

3.Reduced Stress

One of the wonderful joys of art is its ability to enable us to relax, no matter what we choose – be it sculpting, photography, painting or drawing. Art is good for our wellbeing as it can help to alleviate the stresses of everyday life, clear our heads and concentrate on positivity.

When creating a piece of art we may find that we reach a thought place which is relaxing and therapeutic; engaging in a creative pursuit that we enjoy forces our minds to focus and concentrate freeing it from other worries. As such, it is a great way to practice mindfulness. This also explains the rising popularity of mediums such as adult colouring books.

4. Improve creative thinking

Art helps us strengthen our mental abilities by boosting communication between our brain cells. By experimenting with art we are able to exercise our brains and think in unorthodox ways, helping us to find solutions to other challenges that arise in our lives.

5. Problem-solving skills

Art can help us become better problem solvers. This is because having the opportunity to create without boundaries opens up our imaginations as we attempt to figure out how we will translate what we want to create into something tangible through art.

This also encourages us to use a narrative as a form to help us put chaos into order, which can aid us in creating predictability by using a pattern such as songwriting to storyboard our thoughts, making them more fluid and logic. This is a fundamental skill that allows you to enhance your problem-solving skills.

6. Improved cognitive function

Another lesser-known benefit of art is that even when we doodle, it can help us to concentrate – even when we are not consciously absorbed in what we are trying to learn. The act of doodling can enable us to remember and recall things later on.

7. Increased confidence

Another of the benefits of art is its ability to increase our self-esteem and sense of accomplishment, thanks to the act of creating art causing dopamine to be released in our brains. Dopamine is frequently been referred to as the motivational molecule and makes us feel good. It drives our focus and concentration and helps us to avoid obeying our impulses, making it easier for us to concentrate and achieve our goals, which in turn helps to strengthen our self-respect and self-worth.

8. Social connections

A wonderful thing about art is that it can be practised alone or with other people in a community. If you are seeking company, you can enjoy working on collaborative projects or be part of a group, strengthening your sense of belonging with a mutual community where you have a shared interest. The possibilities for fostering connection are limitless, just like your creativity.

Lara Edwards
Community Manager and Editor of Motiv8.Me Woman. A photographer, radio presenter, poet and spoken word performer, Lara recently graduated from university with a joint honours in History & Creative Writing.

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