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Cross Promotion – Should I Do It?

Social Media | MagazineCross promotion is a strategy that many people use on social media and it can be a very effective one at that.  But with many things, too much of a certain thing can be a bad thing.

When it comes to cross promotion you first have to know what it is. For example, if I make a YouTube video, instead of just uploading it to YouTube, I would share the link to Twitter and Facebook as well as my other social media profiles to help promote it. Doing this can be a very effective way to get views or clicks or sales or whatever you may be trying to promote.

There is a downside to all of this cross promotion though – and it can just as easily backfire. You could potentially make your audience on each platform feel like they are not that special, your content may seem spammy across the different platforms and it just might not work well in the different formats used.

The good news is that there are ways to prevent these kind of problems from occurring.

  • Be consistent. If you are going to cross promote a YouTube video, don’t just do it on the day that you uploaded it. Instead, prompte it occasionally on other days to increase overall engagement.
  • Do not post several statuses that are similar.  We have all seen the social media accounts that continue to blow up our timelines with the same information over and over.  Be more unique than that and really work on trying to build an effective strategy.
  • Be unique and native on every platform. Instead of cross promoting you can make specific things for only those platforms exclusively.  For example use Facebook watch to form a show that you only promote on Facebook so only those Facebook viewers could see it. Doing this will build a community on there and allow them to feel more special because you are making it specifically for them.

When it comes to cross promotion these are just a few strategies that immediately come to mind. Coming up with strategies to cater to whatever social media platform you are on is key to success in your current field.

No matter what strategy you decide to use the big thing you have to remember with any type of success whether it be social media or your daily life outside of the Internet is this: You have to be consistent with what your goal is. If you are trying to grow your brand on youtube then be consistent on making content for YouTube that is better than the competition or that brings a new spin to things.  Doing this will allow you to stand out, continue to grow your brand and become a more successful entrepreneur.

Ben Maynard
Ben Maynard, adventurer, coach, writer - I am a 24 year old entrepreneur. I grew up and currently live in Northwest Ohio, USA. I'm an avid adventurer, passionate fitness coach and enthusiast, and writer. My passions are exploring all aspects of life and making the biggest impact on lives as I possibly can. Living life fully and in a positive manner is how I live.

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