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Creativity Meets Purpose – How I built a Business I Love

As we continue to celebrate International Women’s Day, J.Allan Longshadow revisits an interview with contributor Rachel Smith in which she discusses how she combined creativity and purpose to create a business she loves.

Founder name: Rachel Smith

Business name: Rachel Smith Blogs


Social profiles:

J.Allan Longshadow: Rachel, thank you for finding the time to talk to me today. Would you tell me where you are from and where are you based now?

Rachel Smith: I am from Oswestry, Shropshire. I moved away whilst at university and then found myself back here.  Luckily, there is no restriction on client location due to the nature of my business. I can easily work with businesses that are based all over the country or even the world by communicating online via emails or video calls.

J.A.L: Could you tell me a bit about your story up until now?

R.S: I have always been a creative person and throughout school and college I always aimed to develop my skills in writing. I attended Staffordshire University and graduated with a 2:1 in Music Journalism and Broadcasting. During my degree course, I learnt how to alter my writing style to suit different types of media. As well as this, I broadened my skills in radio presenting and production, photojournalism, videography, social media and marketing. Since university, I have found my range of knowledge to be very valuable in my career as a copywriter and social media manager. 

J.A.L: It always fascinates me to hear how one thing leads to another in life. Can you tell me more about what business?

R.S: Rachel Smith Blogs offers services to small businesses that may otherwise struggle to keep their online content up to date. I offer packages for blog posts and social media management, as well as writing newsletters, website copy and other one-off projects. 

J.A.L: What is it that makes your business different?

R.S: I offer an affordable and flexible service that businesses can tailor to their individual needs. I am here to help businesses to keep their online content up to date, leaving them to spend the valuable time running their business. Most of all though, we take a creative approach that really captures the brand to make the content really stand out.

J.A.L: What’s next for your business?

R.S: My goal for the near future is to develop relationships further with my existing clients and making sure that they are very happy with the service I am providing. During the current circumstances, I want to help them communicate clearly with their customers. Once things start to go back to normal, I am planning to offer further advice to small businesses that want to ramp up their online presence. 

J.A.L: What’s next for you?

R.S: As well as running my freelance business, I have an online animal-based magazine, Pawfect Tales. I am going to be focussing on growing this as I know it has great potential. Another huge part of my life is developing my skills and knowledge as a physic medium and healer. I have been attuned to Usui Reiki, and as soon as social distancing restrictions have been relaxed I am going to be completing my training, in the hope of becoming a reiki practitioner. I am currently undergoing a Rune Divination Diploma and Tarot Cards are next on my list. 

J.A.L: It sounds like you are extremely busy doing some incredible things! What advice would you give to anybody wanting to start their own business?

R.S: My advice would be not to rush into things. Taking time to really think ahead and plan is crucial to success. Make sure that you definitely have time to commit to your new business, and that you are not financially reliant on it until it is earning you enough money. 

J.A.L: What is the best thing about being your own boss?

R.S: My favourite part of being freelance is the freedom it provides me with. I am able to select clients that I think will suit my experience and knowledge best. It’s also an advantage to be able to manage your own time. 

J.A.L: Apart from hiring you, obviously, is there anything else that you would recommend for somebody wanting to really make the most of social media?

R.S: My five most powerful tools for managing your social media and online presence in general are Canva, Hootsuite, Google Analytics, Google Trends and Facebook Insights. If you can get to grips with these, and combine them with a creative approach, you have the tools to create and schedule excellent social media content and measure its performance in detail.

J.A.L: Rachel, thank you so much for taking time out of your schedule to talk to me. I wish you the best of luck with all of your ventures and look forward to catching up in the future.

Jan Longshadow
I am a coach, mentor, author and radio presenter with a passion for positivity. I founded in 2016.

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