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Challenges: How To Deal With Them


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Challenges are something that everybody has to deal with throughout the world. They can range from financial to physical to mental to career and so much more. Challenges are a very important part of everybody’s lives. They can make you a stronger and better person for many different reasons.

There are so many things you come across everyday that may be a challenge but you may not even realize it. Something can happen at your house or job that is so small but it may be a challenge that leads to a series of events that are bigger challenges in your life. Let me give you an example scenario of how one simple thing can lead to much larger challenges.

  • Wake up at 6am: Your schedule is looking good to start the day. Nothing too crazy, right?
  • Get out of bed at 6:05am: You stub your toe and knock your cell phone behind your dresser.
  • Get in shower at 6:18: Running a little behind schedule but not too bad. Right?
  • Get dressed and eat breakfast 6:45: Doing pretty good but a little behind.
  • Get shoes and jacket on, leave for work: 7am: Heading out the door you are a few minutes behind schedule but you will still make it on time. Right?
  • Get stopped at railroad tracks 7:15: Stuck at the tracks for a while. Now you begin to worry.
  • Get past the tracks, speeding more towards work: 7:29: Now you are in a hurry knowing you have to be to work by 7:50 for an important meeting.
  • You see red and blue police lights flash in your rearview mirror. 7:45: Uh oh. Now you have to wait on this police officer.
  • Finish speaking to the cop, 7:55: After finishing talking with the cop and receiving a speeding ticket you are finally back on track.
  • Finally get to work at 8:05: You get to work and your boss gives you an earful about being late.
  • You miss the important meeting that was scheduled earlier for 9:00: Now you have a full days work ahead of you.

As you can see, small challenges can lead to medium challenges which can lead to even larger challenges. Challenges can come about in many ways. They can easily be internal or external. You may ask then: What am I supposed to do then with all of these challenges?

The answer is quite simple: Adapt to the adversity.

Take the above example, if you skip your breakfast then you might not have run so far behind, which led to the series of unfortunate events. That is a scenario you should have adapted to instead of trying to rush through it. Ultimately, disipline can play a huge role in offsetting many of life’s more predictable challenges. That’s not to say that every adversity can be avoided by forward planning and constant adjustment – but in the vast majority of cases, we actually cause the problem through our own actions, or indeed inactions.

Adversity is everywhere and you have to be ready to adapt, especially when faced with external circumstances over which you have no control. Learning to deal with this is the true key to success no matter who you are or what you’re doing.


Ben Maynard
Ben Maynard, adventurer, coach, writer - I am a 24 year old entrepreneur. I grew up and currently live in Northwest Ohio, USA. I'm an avid adventurer, passionate fitness coach and enthusiast, and writer. My passions are exploring all aspects of life and making the biggest impact on lives as I possibly can. Living life fully and in a positive manner is how I live.