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Putting your wellbeing first this January

This week, the Kindle eBook edition of Self-Care for Givers and the Helping Professions has been released. To celebrate the launch of the digital edition, I spoke to Emma Sims about lockdown, New Year’s resolutions and looking after our wellbeing. Jan Longshadow: Emma, what is your advice to people who are

Self-Care for Givers & The Helping Professions

A Keeper for Me ★★★★★I love how the author has woven her story throughout the book which makes it so much more heartwarming. This book is packed with knowledge, ideas and tips to help those who can benefit from it (which is most of us!). The style makes it easy

For the love of nature – finding your way back to what matters most

J.Allan Longshadow recently spoke to Pete Rogers, who has combined his love of nature and his background as a filmmaker, presenter and performer during lockdown to create the first film in what is set to be an ongoing nature series. In this brilliant, candid interview, we talked about pursuing what