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How to kickstart your morning without caffeine

For the vast majority of us, discounting those early birds that like to get up at 5am, getting up and ready in the morning can be a difficult task that requires a lot of motivation. Once we have finally dragged ourselves out of bed, a lot of us rely on

Let’s Seize The Opportunity And Come Out Of This Ahead!

If you’re like me, you are probably finding yourself wondering what day is it. They all seem to have blurred into one. We are living in different times for sure.  Many things are stretching us to grow right now, and most of them don’t feel so great.  There are so many

The Transformational Power of Creativity

Creativity is, without doubt, an incredible thing. It has the power to transform our own lives, as well as that of others. And most incredibly, perhaps, it is a gift every single one of us has and does not have to cost a thing to practise. There are many benefits

Want to transform your life? Ask better questions

As humans, one of our principle survival tools is data processing. It is ultimately what keeps us alive, allowing us to process information from stimuli around us and make constant judgements on how to react and adapt, based on both the present situation and also on historical experiences. This brain

Lessons from Lockdown: rediscovering what really matters

Around the world, people have now spent weeks at home under lockdown due to social distancing regulations. Although it has been a tough time, it has also been a great time to reflect on what matters in life. Here are some of my conclusions. It seems appropriate to write them

Attracting the life you deserve – the positive power of affirmations

This series explores instant techniques that absolutely anybody can try in order to transform their life. All of the techniques can be tried and tested with absolutely no special equipment and at no cost. The aim is not to adopt every single technique (but feel free if you wish to!)

5 benefits of life under lockdown

We are currently living through unprecedented times, with huge emotional and economical strains resulting from social distancing rules and the effective “lockdowns” that many of us are under as the nation battles the coronavirus outbreak. Despite this, there are some silver linings. Read on to discover five ways in which