The Power of the To-Do List

Before you eat the elephant, make sure you know what parts you want to eat.Todd Stocker I recently spoke to my colleague Amrit Mirchandani to discuss his personal tips for success. Top of his list was the To-Do list. Here;s what he had to say. Focus on the present "Maintaining a To-Do List

Want to grow? Set yourself a daily intention

So far in this mini guide to personal transformation, we’ve looked at the power of affirmations and the importance of setting goals and list writing. Setting your daily intention is essentially a technique that combines elements of both and can really help in the quest to make things happen. It

The power of poetry – breaking through barriers and embracing opportunities

In today’s interview, I speak to poet and spoken word performer Lara Edwards to discover how her love of poetry has helped her overcome anxiety, conquer fear and open up incredible new opportunities. J.Allan Longshadow: Lara, thank you for joining me, It’s a real privilege to have the chance to interview