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Poem of the Day

Annwyn (Other World) This is a story a take a yarn that will be spun out like a golden blanket that is made of straw but it is still magic a fairytale to be told listen you are safe and warm so let us begin we are all made of stories

Bread in Captivity

Children screaming happy screams, enacting dreams, my sons enjoy the sun outside. Upstairs, sunlight cuts through blinds - blind to what's happening in the world. The sourdough starter slowly rises with the sun, but the real work is not yet done - it's yet to become our daily bread - that's when the magic truly happens. For now, I sit

The year that was

The year that was 2020 is a strange year -Collectively we have shed many a tear.As the world has been faced with COVID19Too many people have lost their lives – from our elders to our teens.For many, death rates have been too high.And sadly with limited people at funerals , we