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Working Mums: Is It Me Or My Lifestyle?

Mums at Work | Magazine

This article has been contributed by the author Shanae Dennis and originally appeared on the Huffington Post on 15/12/2017. View the original article here. In some industries, mentioning that you have a child in an interview can work against you as Young Women’s Trust’s recent findings have shown. One thing I have learnt is

Why isn’t meditation working for me?

Meditation | Magazine

If you’re reading this, I’m sure you’ve heard the word “meditation” before. Mediation is a practice that has been around since the beginning of time. I’ve personally noticed that meditation is starting to progress into the secular world too. Have you observed that huge corporations are (finally) acknowledging the benefits

Talking Success

How do we define and measure success? The Toddler is learning to talk. He’s very proud of his new-found ability to communicate in a way that the people around him understand (or basically when his parents eventually catch on to what he’s trying to say) and is busily practising his words,