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The Importance of Storytelling in Entrepreneurship

Story Telling | Magazine

  Storytelling is such a key player in many walks of life. Film. Television. Books. Newspapers. Blog posts. YouTube. And so much more. It's literally everywhere! When it comes to entrepreneurship, it's no different. Storytelling is a key factor in whether you succeed, have decent success or outright fail. You may be asking

A Podcast Strategy for Entrepreneurs

Microphone | Magazine

Podcasts have been catching fire over the last few years and there are several reasons as to why this is happening. Podcasts are everywhere. Sports channels. News anchors. Celebrities. Actors. Entrepreneurs. YouTubers. Farmers. Backpackers. And so many more. Why do so many have podcasts is the real question to be asked. Is it

An Instagram Strategy for Any Entrepreneur

Instagram | Magazine

  Entrepreneurship has been around for ages but the awareness about it has skyrocketed in recent years  - largely due to the invention and vast expansion of social media. Social media is a vast and even sometimes overwhelming place to navigate if you're an up and coming entrepreneur (or one who wants