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10 benefits of writing

Writing is one of the most important methods of communication we use. Developing and improving your writing skills helps to communicate better, something that has tremendous benefits in many areas of life. As a hobby, writing can be practised in a variety of different forms and offers a variety of

The beauty and benefits of birdwatching

Birdwatching is a hobby and has been steading increasing in popularity all over the world. It requires absolutely nothing to get started and is an environmentally friendly pastime that promotes engagement with and appreciation of nature. You may also be surprised by the numerous health benefits that birdwatching has to offer Bird

The Creativity of Calligraphy

The hobby of calligraphy is that it has numerous positive benefits and endless creative possibilities, that can be explored and enjoyed. As well as the pleasure of developing a new skill, it allows us to indulge in a creative practise that can boost our wellbeing, promoting calm and tranquillity and