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Losing weight quickly – is it really bad for you, if classed as overweight?

Weight loss can be a sensitive and complicated subject, and there are many strongly held feeling on both sides of the fence - especially where obesity is concerned. Many who are not affected themselves are quick to judge and preach, often influenced by reports in popular media. I’m currently studying for

Is Tech Ruining Your Run?

We are surrounded by tech. The internet of things has infiltrated almost every area of our lives - health and fitness is no exception. Whether it’s via your smartphone, smartwatch or one or even all of the other numerous devices out there, the chances are you spend more time getting

Want to transform your body and mind? Drink more water!

When it comes to the elements, they all have great power. Like water for example. Although essential to sustain life, in excess it can also be responsible for great destruction and even death. In all aspects of life, as with the elements, maintain a healthy balance is key. Luckily, when it

4 Great Reasons to Exercise Outdoors

Some studies have shown that we spend a staggering 90% of our time indoors - and that's without taking the current lockdown into consideration! Even more worryingly, some surveys have found that three-quarters of UK children spend less time outdoors than prisoners.   Needless to say, our bodies are not designed