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Merry Christmas

We would like to wish all of our readers and contributors a very merry Christmas. On a Christmas that is anything but normal, may we take a moment to reflect with gratitude on that which we have and celebrate this moment with peace, love and harmony. May we also express our

How To Make Sure Anxiety Doesn’t Run The Show This Christmas

Anxiety is an uncomfortable feeling that many of us feel from time to time, however Christmas is, for many people, a time of year when anxiety and stress are at their worst, with so much pressure from so many angles. And that's without mentioning the unprecedented levels of anxiety people

5 Ideas for Plastic Free Christmas Decorations

Fancy creating a festive atmosphere without the plastic? Here are 5 fantastic ideas for Christmas decorations that cost next to nothing - and won't cost the planet either. 1. Orange Pomanders Few things smell as wonderful at Christmas as this easy to make, classic decoration - all that is required is

You are what you eat – how to develop mindful eating habits this Christmas

Christmas is something that we generally associate with food - and all too often, over-eating. For those who find themselves struggling to manage their diet at the best of times, the festive season can be extremely challenging. We revisit this article to explore how mindful eating can help you have