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Reaching Your Goals or Competing with Yourself?

Goals | Magazine

We roam through this world driven by our sense of purpose that is typically reflected in our personal dreams. While some manage to transform those dreams into attainable, realistic goals, others remain trapped in their own vicious circle of self-criticism and self-rejection. Nowadays, a great number of individuals keep striving for more,

Entrepreneurial Lessons Learned From Love

Passion | Magazine

Whether you are a complete romantic or the Scrooge of love, it is hard to avoid the annual phenomena that is Valentine’s Day. Within hours of Christmas and New Year passing, supermarkets, independents and online stores alike suddenly turn into love grottos, with hearts, roses and teddy bears everywhere you

The Power of Forgiveness in Business!

Forgiveness | Magazine

I believe anyone reading this will know about the word “forgiveness”. I think it’s safe to accept that anyone reading this would also know about the word “unforgiveness”. Growing up, we’ve heard that we need to forgive or say “sorry” when we’ve done something wrong or hurt someone’s feelings. However,

12 Tips to Open a Successful Retail Store

Retail | Magazine

Who does not love shopping? Window shopping, physically trying clothes and having a fun time with your family and friends beats ordering items online! Retail Shopping is fun, exciting and creates the fondest memories. Yes….it also drains your pocket, but if you ever want to make more money in the

A Secret Recipe for Hiring Talent

High Voltage | Magazine

In this final part of a 4 part mini series, Magazine’s Asia contributor Amrit Mirchandani shares the fascinating recruitment story of an Indian tech startup and how they succeeded in becoming a hub for talent. This article was originally published at and is featured by the kind permission of the