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The Transformational Power of Creativity

Creativity is, without doubt, an incredible thing. It has the power to transform our own lives, as well as that of others. And most incredibly, perhaps, it is a gift every single one of us has and does not have to cost a thing to practise. There are many benefits

Shhh! Stop and unlock the power of silence

“Silence is a source of great strength.”Lao Tzu We live in a noisy world. We are surrounded by a cacophony of sounds and voices, a chorus of constant conversation. Even when we are alone, we rarely allow ourselves to enjoy silence. We feel compelled to fill any gaps between our own

Attracting the life you deserve – the positive power of affirmations

This series explores instant techniques that absolutely anybody can try in order to transform their life. All of the techniques can be tried and tested with absolutely no special equipment and at no cost. The aim is not to adopt every single technique (but feel free if you wish to!)