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Two Sides of a Coin

2 sides of a coin | Magazine

The Book ‘Two Sides of A Coin’ is a narrative by an Army Officer The author of ‘Two Sides of A Coin’ is a serving Officer in the  Indian Army, commissioned in the Infantry regiment. He graduated from the National Defence Academy and is a post graduate of the Indian Military

MAHAbfic Proudly supports Maratha Youth Employment

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MAHAbfic supports Maratha Youth Employment by creating self employment opportunities in Bitcoin Crypto Mining industry: Dr. Tausif Malik, founder MAHAbfic “Emerging technologies of BFIC (Blockchain, Fintech, ICO, Crypto Mining) can create tremendous job opportunities for youth - Dr. Tausif Malik, founder MAHAbfic” “India can be the next Bitcoin/Crypto currency mining hub of

Wiley Post

Did you know: On this day in 1933, Aviator Wiley Post returned to Floyd Bennett Field in New York City, completing the first solo flight around the world in seven days, 18 hours and 49 minutes.

Sales & Distribution Masterclass with Niraj Kapur

Everybody Works in Sales | Magazine

Everybody works in sales... yet most people don’t know how to sell or don't feel comfortable selling. Join bestselling author Niraj Kapur (Everybody Works in Sales) and Gemma & James Pybus (Digital Marketing Implementation Services) for an exclusive Sales and Digital Marketing Strategy Masterclass in Milton Keynes, Weds 18th July 9AM

How a love of design led to an ethical, eco friendly business

West Plum Studio Website | Magazine

In this edition of Startup Stories, I speak to Sophie Roberts, an entrepreneur who has combined a love of design with a passion for creating ethical, eco-friendly products that have the power to inspire others. Founder name: Sophie Roberts Business name: West Plum Studio Website: Social profiles:,, Tell us something about


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