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3 Top tips for working from home and staying well

The COVID-19 outbreak hit many folks hard. People who were used to seeing their co-workers every day (however irritating they were) suddenly found themselves locked in the house on their own. Relationships were tested as people found themselved locked into a small space for a concentrated amount of time. Now,

Busy, Busy, Busy but not productive? How to prioritise your tasks in these testing times

We’ve all been there. You have 23 things that need doing. You’ve been rushing around all day but when you finally collapse into the sofa at night you don’t feel like you’ve actually achieved anything. Today’s modern life is intense, busy and full of distractions - and that's without Coronavirus

5 lifechanging books to read right now

So the COVID crisis drags on. You’ve completed Netflix. You know the words to every Disney movie. You’re now playing video games you don’t even like and your poor dog is a shadow of themselves from all the walking. Looking for something to read out in the garden in the

Boredom Busters – Making boredom work for you

We’ve all had those days where boredom hits you. I’m currently going through an extended period of unemployment due to redundancy and my own business failing. For months I’ve been applying for jobs from my sofa with occasional breaks for a dog walk and boredom has become a constant companion.