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Dying to Divorce – In Conversation with Chloe Fairweather

DYING TO DIVORCE is a documentary film that investigates the shocking levels of femicide and domestic violence in Turkey, which continues to resonate worldwide. In Turkey, 1 in 3 Turkish women have experienced domestic violence, which is the highest proportion amongst economically developed countries worldwide. The film was released to coincide

Black History Month Revisited In October, joined forces with Wrexham's Calon FM and Town Square Spaces to host a no-holds-barred panel to discover the truth about the barriers facing the black community, especially in the field of business and funding. Here is our full-length footage of the event.

Author Battles Borderline Personality Disorder With Brave New Book

Dr Sarah Mackay, a Wrexham-based author, is celebrating the launch of her new book Tormented - An Anthology of Borderline Personality Disorder. The candid and moving book, published by, is the second in a series of five books that examine what it is like to live with mental health issues.