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FyNSis SoftLabs – How CRM is Bridging the Gap Between Humans and Tech

Fynsis Feature

Our Asia Director Amrit Mirchandani speaks to the founder of FyNSis SoftLabs, an Indian tech company which is disrupting the marketplace with its state-of-the-art  Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and IT solution. Company and Founder name Nasir Khan, Founder and Director of FyNSis SoftLabs Private Limited   Company websites:   Social media links: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Where

beMORE Travel – How We Connected Travel & Transformation

beMore Travel | Magazine

In this latest edition of Startup Stories, our Asia correspondent Amrit Mirchandani talks to Alsu Sabirova and Subhash Trivedi, co founders of beMORE Travel, a unique company that combines travel and transformation to offer a truly one-of-a-kind and life-changing experience to their customers. Founder Names: Alsu Sabirova and Subhash Trivedi Business Names:

Confidence – the one thing to work on in 2018

Confidence | Magazine

“Self-confidence must come from within. Outside reinforcement and strokes can help, but you have to build your own confidence.” Steve Jobs You will have noticed in your wild ride as an entrepreneur or solopreneur, times do get tough. Solutions to a wide vary of problems need to be thought of, and closing

12 Tips to Open a Successful Retail Store

Retail | Magazine

Who does not love shopping? Window shopping, physically trying clothes and having a fun time with your family and friends beats ordering items online! Retail Shopping is fun, exciting and creates the fondest memories. Yes….it also drains your pocket, but if you ever want to make more money in the


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