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An A-Z of Techniques for Transformation: E is for Exercise

No matter what it is you want to achieve in life, your health plays a key role in making it possible, and one of the keys to maintaining a healthy body is exercise. For many ambitious people, it can be very hard to find the time to exercise properly – but you simply have to find time. Ultimately, life transformation means nothing if your state of health does not allow you to enjoy it. So let me take a closer look at just why exercise matters and share some tips on how anybody can fit it into their daily life, no matter how hectic the schedule.

What are the benefits of exercise?

In this information age, this may seem like a pointless question. But I am of the firm belief that understanding and reminding ourselves just why exercise is so important is the best way to motivate ourselves to start and maintain a good regime. Whilst the most important benefit of exercise is keeping our weight manageable and our bodies healthy, the actual benefits are far wider reaching than many people realise. 

Here are some of the main benefits of exercise:

  • It makes you happier
  • It can help to manage or lose weight
  • It can reduce the risk of serious illnesses including diabetes, heart attack and even some types of cancer
  • It can help you to live longer
  • It can improve self-esteem
  • It gives you greater energy
  • It helps you to sleep better
  • It reduces stress
  • It reduces the risk of depression
  • It reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia
  • It doesn’t have to cost anything!

With all of this in mind, lack of time is clearly not a valid excuse – especially when exercise is the best way to buy yourself even more of it.

Exercise ideas for hard workers

If you are busy pushing for a promotion or caught up in the daily hustle and grind of running a business, finding time for quality exercise can be genuinely difficult, even if it is not in your nature to procrastinate. As the old adage goes, where there’s a will there’s a way – it just sometimes takes a little thinking outside of the box. Need an alternative to the gym? Here are some inspired ideas.

Take walking meetings

Nobody said that meetings must take place indoors around a table. If you need to have a meeting with a small number of people and there is no paperwork to go with it, then take the meeting outside and enjoy the opportunity to walk and talk. You can always record the proceedings on a dictaphone tool to refer back to later. 

Don’t believe me? Richard Branson for one is a huge advocate of this approach – here he is in action.

Alternatively, you can take his other approach and shorten the meeting to a maximum of ten minutes – and allocate the rest of the slot for exercise.

Get a standing desk

If you spend an excessive amount of time seated at your desk, consider swapping it for a standing desk which can see you spend as much as two and a half hours more time on your feet during the course of the day – which means you burn more calories. Although the jury is still out on the real, tangible health benefits of standing desks, there is a lot to be said for spending less time parked on our bottoms.

Cycle / run / walk to work

Although not practical for everybody (especially given the far from optimum weather here in Blighty), where possible this is a great way to incorporate a daily dose of exercise into the equation and turn the daily commute into a worthwhile pursuit.

Body weight exercises

If you are struggling to find time around your daily schedule to hit the gym, or simply don’t enjoy that kind of environment, it is still possible to workout from home – and you don’t need to fill your house or flat with loads of weights and equipment either. With bodyweight exercises you rely entirely on your own anatomy – meaning it is also an ideal approach if you travel a lot.

Get an online personal trainer

More and more personal trainers are offering their services online via video calling, and if you can’t make it to sessions in person this is a great way to keep your health and fitness in track – especially if you are the kind of person who needs that extra push to keep you going.

Even thirty minutes of exercise a day can go a long way towards supporting us in reaching our life goals – so take a moment to find an approach that you can fit into your routine and get started now.



Jan Longshadow
I am a coach, mentor, author and radio presenter with a passion for positivity. I founded in 2016.

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