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A Washer for the Mind

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I listen to the tumbling of clothes spinning in cycles. The whoosh and whirl remind me of how many people have thoughts that cycle in their head that sound quite like my washer.

I too have that sound in my head throughout the day. Oh, I now see how some people have a growing hatred toward the world and others.

They haven’t yet found a way to empty the washer of their mind. The cycle of thoughts is endless. One set of clothes (thoughts) are washed and another are ready to replace them. “I need to do this. This needs to be done. Did I forget to…? If I don’t do this then…” The list of phrases that are partnered with a busy mind goes on and on.

I have utmost concern for these people who may find that they’re annoyed by the most trivial of things. The trivial, minute, things in life are what often makes life precious. They become deaf to the chirps of the birds on Sunday mornings. They grow numb to the brief breeze of the air. Their senses, instead of working for them, begin working against them. The worst sense to lose, the sense most cherished by all of humanity, the sense of love, slowly departs from them.

The good news is that you can empty the washer of your mind. You CAN rid yourself of the endless supply of laundry (thoughts). There isn’t a need to recycle thoughts in your mind. Rid yourself of the vicious cycle.

Notice your breathing. Notice your surroundings. Notice yourself start to slow down.

The most delicate thing this world has to offer is the breath. So easily, so often, we forget, or take for granted, our breath. The one thing that unites every person is our ability to breathe. Our breath is ignorant to race, religion, shape, gender, and all other means of possible worldly discrimination. Like our breath, we all also share the washing machine of the mind; although, we differ here in that some have learned to subdue the beating of the washer.

A peaceful era of humanity is one in which we can all hear the melody of our breath and keep the washer quiet. Take the time to stop and smell the roses, if you will.

Jarred Dwain
Author, future law, student of stoic philosophy and philanthropy.