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9 Reasons Your Business Must be Blogging

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Blogging. Do you read this word and think it’s a fairly vague and casual internet-speak word that doesn’t really sound important? Maybe just another of those fads? A subject that might be a good idea but when running a business, you already have so many tasks to prioritise and juggle that you don’t have time for it?  By constantly putting it on the to-do later pile on your desk, you could be missing out on an opportunity to hugely enhance your business, customer relations and sales. Although the principle purpose of blogging is to create interesting and regularly updated articles on your websites to pique reader interest, for your business it can also produce several significant and valuable benefits:

1. Improve Your SEO

Search engines constantly look for new and updated content, so regularly posting relevant and interesting content keeps you and your brand visible to the search engines and consequently to everyone using the internet. Over time you will build a valuable back catalogue of blog posts which will continue to be visible online, the more pages you have to be found, the easier you are to find.

Not to mention that your blogs are regular opportunities to include the relevant keywords and phrases for your products that both search engines and internet users rely on to find you. In particular, algorithms look for pages that provide answers to questions that users are asking. So building an online knowledge base can really boost your search performance – and this leads to higher conversion rates.

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2. Support Your Social Media Content

Ever stuck for what to post on Facebook, Twitter etc? Share your latest blog articles and posts across your social media profiles and encourage people to comment, share and interact. You want your business to be talked about, after all, it is potentially limitless free marketing with minimal resources required.  

Whilst formats such as Twitter and Instagram do not favour long format content, they do offer powerful platforms for sharing ‘teasers’ that drive traffic to your blog, which with the right CTA’s in place can create the perfect sales funnel.

3. Drive Traffic

There are over 1.5 billion websites on the world wide web today, f which, less than 200 million are active. Of those that are active, an even smaller proportion receive regular visits. A hugely important and often frustrating element of trading online and building your brand is trying to increase visitor numbers to your website, especially reaching those who have not yet discovered your brand.

Blogging provides valuable content that people pick up through the search engines, social media or other links. They land on your blog pages but that then drives them to your website pages to explore more what you are selling. Even for visitors who have not been directly searching for your product or service, blogs can lead to conversions. Ultimately, the more people that find out about you, the wider your brand recognition will grow. The more your brand is recognised, the more people that come to find you…

4. Increase Conversions

Of course, you don’t just want more traffic to your website, you want more visitors who are ready to buy your products and services. By projecting an approachable face for the business and providing prospects with the expert information they are looking for prior to purchasing, blogging helps to increase your quality leads and conversion rates into actual sales.

A regular, quality blog also creates a sense of trust and reliability, which is known to have a strong influence on a customer’s decision to buy.

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5. Build Customer Relations

It can be hard to build customer relations online because of the faceless nature of the internet. Blogging gives you the chance to show the less formal and more human side of your business as well as encouraging interaction with your prospective customers. As it is written to inform or entertain your customers, it reminds you to think about your business from your customer’s perspective too. | Your blog, sorted.

6. Demonstrate Expertise

Most potential buyers want to know not only if you have what they want or need but also if you know your stuff. Blogging gives you the opportunity to present your expertise, knowledge and experience in a natural manner. It can also be an effective platform to showcase innovative ideas and show that you are committed to excellence in your product or service.

7. Enhance Credibility

Consumers like to buy from companies they perceive as trustworthy, especially when the internet is rife with scammers. Sharing your expertise, knowledge and experience through a blog makes a business or brand appear far more credible, genuine and dependable.


8. Keep Your Website Updated

When you are stacked out with an endless list of things to do, it’s easy to forget to check that the information on your website is up to date. Regularly publishing a blog will mean that you can make the latest news or updates about both your business and your industry available to your customers quickly.

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9. Measure What Works


Sure, you get plenty of analytical data about your website traffic already but does it really tell you what your visitors think? Not in the way blogging does. Blogs are easily measurable through analytics, encourage feedback and give you a far clearer idea of what your customers like and don’t like. Simple and very cost-effective market research for future strategies.

The Final Word

Of course, there’s always a flip side and running an effective blog does require your time effort. A great solution is to outsource the writing to a professional agency such as Whether you are short of time, not keen on writing or don’t think you’ll have enough ideas, outsourcing your content creation can take the pressure off and means you will get a regular, quality blog without having to compromise on your core activities. Given the benefits of a business blog, the ROI of hiring an agency is definitely worth it.

To kick start your business blog, get in touch with the team at today. Call now on 03333 445 345 or email Visit to learn more.


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