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9 Benefits of Swimming for Health and Wellbeing

Whether you do it for fitness or purely as a hobby, swimming is a gentle form of exercise that offers many positive physical and mental health benefits for people of all ages. Read on to discover more.

1. Workout without the impact

One of the physical benefits of swimming is that it works the entire body this includes increasing our heart rates without creating stress on our bodies, helps to tone up muscles and improves strength and our physical endurance. Because it is free of impact, it is accessible even to those who may not be able to enjoy other forms of exercise due to their health. Instead, the water itself forms the resistance we need.

2. Boost your heart health

As well as working your muscles and joints, swimming is a great, impact-free cardio workout, making it an ideal way to improve your cardiovascular strength.

Swimming can also help to decrease blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

3. Suitable for all abilities

Swimming is suitable for people of different abilities as is a safe and comfortable form of exercise for those with conditions such as arthritis, injury, disabilities and other issues that make high impact exercise difficult. It can help to improve pain and help with recovery and rehabilitation for those suffering from injury.

4. Improve asthma

Swimming is now known to be beneficial for those with asthma, as the humid environment combined with the breathing exercises that are associated with it can help to expand lung capacity and gain control over breathing.

5. Fight MS

Because water acts as a buoyant force for limbs and can act as a support during exercise while providing gentle resistance, people suffering from MS have found that swimming offers significant benefits.

A study that was conducted for twenty weeks saw significant reductions and improvements in symptoms such as depression and fatigue and disability.

6. Improve your sleep

Swimming also has a positive effect on your sleep according to a study taken with older adults who have issues with insomnia. Participants who took part in regular aerobic exercise including swimming were reported to see an improvement in their ability to sleep.

7. Manage your mood

Swimming can have many psychological benefits, especially to those with dementia. Studies have shown that after undertaking a twelve-week swimming program there were significant improvements in patients’ moods.

Similar improvements in mood have been reported for people of all ages, meaning that it is a great way to boost mental health and wellbeing for all.

8. Reduce stress

Swimming is also a wonderful way to destress from the worries of the day. By concentrating on your motion you can relax and focus, creating the calmness needed to lower cortisol levels. The effect of immersion in water combined with our body’s natural buoyancy also promotes stress reduction.

9. Burn calories

Swimming is also an extremely efficient way to burn calories. The effectiveness depends on body mass, intensity of activity and water temperature but you will always gain some benefit.

Remember, there are plenty of pool-based activities available too, for those who want to try something new and get even more out of their local swimming pool.

Lara Edwards
Community Manager and Editor of Motiv8.Me Woman. A photographer, radio presenter, poet and spoken word performer, Lara recently graduated from university with a joint honours in History & Creative Writing.

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