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7 Things Successful People Have In Common With a Swiss Army Knife

Whether your aim is to be a perfect parent or partner, to succeed in your job or business, or even simply survive everything that 2020 has to throw at us, successful and happy people have a lot in common with a Swiss Army Knife. Here are seven reasons why:

1. They are seriously adaptable. You name the situation, a swiss army knife will offer the solution. Even a fairly simple model is able to offer a vast range of possibilities to change the outcome of a situation. They are not limited exclusively to the tasks they are designed for – instead they can rise easily to new challenges. The only real limitation is the boundaries of imagination. 

Ask yourself these questions – are you really adaptable? Do you seek opportunity in adversity (in a positive way, that is, not in a cynical, exploitative way)? Are you comfortable with the uncomfortable? If the answer to these questions is no, or you feel uncertain, this is a valuable area to work on.

2. They are discreet when necessary. A swiss army knife will take centre stage when it is required, but is happy to remain concealed and unobtrusive when appropriate. They don’t spend their entire time shining under the spotlight showing off how sharp they are.

Take a moment to reflect – are you someone who is content to help. others from behind the scenes, or do you seek fulfilment in being acknowledged? In the case of the latter, think about what is driving this need for recognition.

3. They are loyal and trustworthy. The thing with a good swiss army knife is that over time it forges a real sense of trust and loyalty, a truly special bond that cannot be broken by a special offer in your favourite outdoor store. Of course, there will be the odd owner who succumbs and commits an act of infidelity, but thankfully such incidents are few and far between. 

How important are honesty, trust and loyalty in your personal values? Do you strive to behave with integrity?

4. In fact, you can trust them with your life. You’ve seen 127 Hours, haven’t you?

Are you someone who will be there for your family and friends 24/7, no matter what? If not, why not?

5. They are hard workers. A good knife will withstand even the most challenging of tasks and just keep on going. They just don’t give up. It’s not in their vocabulary.

Life is difficult – now more than ever before. But even in the new normal, with many of us faced with working from home whilst also playing parent, teacher, chef and more, you can still make time to be productive – but it may mean making sacrifices.

6. They can be sharpened. Even the best blade in the pack needs to keep a sharp edge. Over time, hard graft, age and other factors take their toll. But a good blade will always relish the chance to keep its edge and improve its performance.

Are you taking advantage of the current situation to develop yourself? This doesn’t necessarily mean embarking on an ambitious new course, creative project or business venture – it may be as simple as becoming a more patient and forgiving person.

7. They come in all shapes and sizes. Just like all the best things in life; friends, colleagues, families for example. You can’t ever judge a swiss army knife on its appearance – only by the great things it is capable of achieving given the right opportunity.

If there is one thing lockdown and life in the new normal has done for most of us, it has made us realise that it is who we are that matters more than anything else. It is ultimately our words and actions that we are judged on. 

Jan Longshadow
I am a coach, mentor, author and radio presenter with a passion for positivity. I founded in 2016.

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