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5 Tips to Stay Motivated When It’s Nice Out

With summer drawing closer and closer that means one thing: nice weather!  The weather changing from rainy and cold or snowy to sunny and clear skies is a big thing that can impact people’s motivations levels.

The summer feeling can affect your motivation levels when it comes to your fitness or your business or your family time or whatever it may be that you are interested in.  There are actually many ways to combat this to allow you to still be productive and enjoy the nice summer weather.

1. Make a task list

Grab a piece of paper or your favorite device and write down all of your tasks for the day or even the upcoming week. Doing this will allow you to know exactly what is coming up and how you can tackle these tasks that you have planned. Also this will allow you to look ahead and not worry as much when the day comes around.

2. Get up early

If you know you are going to be tempted by the nice weather just set your alarm a little earlier when it is still dark out and get to work!  Personally I do this with my working out, I prefer to get it done as early as possible and then I have the whole day ahead of me.

3. Stay focused

Focus!  There are many, many tasks that need to be accomplished.  Get them done as soon as possible. Just thinking to yourself “If I finish these then I can do this certain activity”

4. Turn off notifications

When it comes to different tasks, a big detractor from what you need to do may be your notifications on your smartphone.  Unless you are waiting on a very important phone call or text message, turn your notifications on your device off. Doing this will allow you to not be distracted by the constant ringing or vibrations that your phone may be making.

5. Get other people involved

If you have a problem with staying focused and on task another easy way to do so is just to get other people involved. Doing this allows you to be accountable to them. Have them remind you of the tasks at hand and how you need to.complete them before you go enjoy the day.

Staying focused during late Spring and early summer can be one of the hardest things to do.  When it comes to your fitness you may begin to slack because you figure it is nice outside or when it comes to business you may just want to go outside, have a drink and relax in the sun.  Summertime can be one of the most fun times of year but you have to remember staying focused is the key to being successful in any endeavour you may face.


Ben Maynard
Ben Maynard, adventurer, coach, writer - I am a 24 year old entrepreneur. I grew up and currently live in Northwest Ohio, USA. I'm an avid adventurer, passionate fitness coach and enthusiast, and writer. My passions are exploring all aspects of life and making the biggest impact on lives as I possibly can. Living life fully and in a positive manner is how I live.

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