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5 Tips to be More Confident in 2021

“Self-confidence must come from within. Outside reinforcement and strokes can help, but you have to build your own confidence.”

~ Steve Jobs

If you’re reading this, then you don’t need telling that in the wild ride that is life, times get tough. There is a relentless need to find solutions to problems large and small, and then there are the things we have to do to earn a living. Your potential is often unknown or – perhaps – underknown. But whether or not other people appreciate what you have to offer, confidence in yourself can transform your life and allow you to become your best self, someone who truly believes that anything is possible. 

A good example of confidence was the assertive founder of Apple, the late Steve Jobs. He was so interested in computers and technology that confidence in talking about such things came naturally. This is the relation between curiosity and confidence. It helps you not look confused about a particular topic, as you just want to learn the subject in a way to satisfy oneself. 

The courage Steve Jobs had, was completely out of his comfort zone. Even after being fired from Apple he still had the courage to create Pixar which is currently the biggest animation studio in the world. It was a risky move, given that his financial security was apprehended, but this risky direction made him more curious, courageous and confident. Stepping out of your comfort zone continuously can increase your level of dealing with stress. If you feel nervous with a decision, don’t think through and just go with it. Confidence increases as your experiences become extravagant with a plus of living life on your own terms.   

1. Start with goals

Having a clear goal in mind with a vision can help you to build your confidence You have to set your goals down as it makes it easier to know what you want from the very start. Add this with perseverance and is a sign of confidence in your strength or discussion. You usually repeat something; when you are so sure of its outcome. Conviction is the secret, and it is with conviction that people start following you. This will eventually give rise to creating trust between your clients and your product or service.

2. Beware the opinions of others

With social media and the internet you can be confused with the various opinions of others. Stick to your own belief and do what you love.  It is those that live for themselves that have a persona of confidence and a magnetic trait of inspiring others.

3. Train yourself

You may have seen one of Steve Jobs’ many presentations on television. If not, you can take a look at them on the internet if you never got to see them. He seemed so confident and was a natural public speaker. This was not at all what was going on inside, he had butterflies every time he got on stage. The butterflies were seen to escape because of the endless rehearsing of the speech and visioning his audience before the actual public speech. 

What if someone asks you a question and you are not sure of the answer? Psychologists believe grabbing your chin and replying the best answer possible. Grabbing your chin will associate yourself to success, intelligence, popularity and confidence. Faking the confidence is one way of doing this, as it reduces your stress and anxiety. 

4. Define your reality

Live in a world where anything is possible, and this will make you believe that a problem is never a problem and impossible is just a barrier that can be jumped.

Change your reality, instead of trying to deal with reality constructed by the world. 

5. Eliminate negative behaviours

Remove fear, pride, procrastination and lack of being yourself and add in confidence, humble, hardwork and uniqueness to yourself. You will notice that this is a break from the hard coated egg shell you were stuck in. 

Having self-confidence will give you the power to achieve anything you go after, no matter how difficult the situation. We are capable of so much more than we realize.

Remember –

With Confidence, you have won before you have started.”

~ Marcus Garvey

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