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5 Ideas for Plastic Free Christmas Decorations

Fancy creating a festive atmosphere without the plastic? Here are 5 fantastic ideas for Christmas decorations that cost next to nothing – and won’t cost the planet either.

1. Orange Pomanders

Few things smell as wonderful at Christmas as this easy to make, classic decoration – all that is required is cloves and oranges. For an even more delicious aroma, add some cinnamon sticks into the equation. For its simplicity and ease alone, pomanders deserve a special place in this list. They are also a great decoration to make with children. If you’re feeling creative, try creating different patterns with your cloves.

2. Homemade Wreaths

One of the warmest ways to welcome guests to your home at Christmas is a beautifully presented, home-made wreath on your front door.

Wreaths are another great decoration that all the family can enjoy making together. Good Housekeeping Magazine has a fantastic gallery of 60 ideas for DIY wreaths, most of which can be made with natural, recycled or repurposed materials. Check out the gallery at

3. Log Reindeer

If you are up for some woodcraft, a log reindeer is a great addition to the garden or even living room. They can be made as big as you wish, and when used as an outdoor decoration look great with two or three standing together. Please do source your logs responsibly though – we don’t advise taking your chainsaw to the local woods!

4. Pine cones galore

There is no end to what can be done with a bag full of  pine cones and a little imagination. Paint, glitter, ribbons and string can all be put to good use. Pine cones can also add a lovely cleansing smell to your home. Country Living magazine has a lovely gallery of suggestions.

5. Cardboard Creations

From two dimensional cut-outs to elaborate arrangements, it is quite amazing what Christmas decorations can be created simply by using your waste cardboard – and they cost just pennies to make! There is a particularly attractive selection of ideas at

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