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5 crystals to help you sleep better

Sleep enables our bodies to function. We need sleep (and plenty of it) to be able to have a healthy body, both physically and mentally. The Sleep Foundation recommends adults get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each night. If you aren’t managing this, you could be suffering from various issues such as lacking in energy, feeling confused, muscle pains, headaches and a general feeling of being run down. 

If you are looking for ways to help you get more sleep, it may be time for you to try the amazing power that crystals have. Here are 5 of the best crystals that can improve your sleep. 


Howlite is a borate material that has a marble-like appearance of cream and grey in various shades. Howlite is an aid to insomnia, especially when this is caused by an overactive mind. It helps to eliminate stress, rage and pain – all factors that may be affecting your sleep quality. 

Other benefits of howlite include; balancing levels of calcium in the body, facilitating awareness, strengthening memory and encouraging emotional expression.


Amethyst is a wonderful all round crystal and you should definitely have at least one in your collection. It’s beautiful purple and lilac appearance isn’t the only thing this crystal has going for it. The powers of amethyst improve your sleep by bringing healing energy from the divine realm into your dreams. It also promotes deeper sleep and allows you to achieve a sense of calm.

Find out more about amethyst here.


Moonstone’s appearance can vary greatly in colour and can be in variations of cream, yellow, blue, grey and peach. It is known as the stone of new beginnings, inner growth and strength. It is particularly good for improving sleep as it soothes emotional instability and reduces stress.

Moonstone has a huge array of other benefits too, including: enhancing intuition, aiding the digestive system, keeping your skin, hair and organs healthy, balancing hormones and in men, it can allow them to become more open about their feelings and emotions. 

Rose Quartz

Quartz comes in many different varieties. Rose quartz is the pink variety that is most commonly associated with unconditional love. However, it also has properties that can improve sleep by removing negativity, increasing your levels of inner peace and self-love. Similarly to amethyst, rose quartz has so many benefits that it should make an appearance in everyone’s crystal collections. 

Here are just some of the healing properties of rose quartz:

  • Improves relationships
  • Purifies and opens the heart chakra
  • Comforts in times of grief
  • Encourage self-acceptance and forgiveness
  • Strengthens the physical heart and circulatory system
  • Increases fertility


Lepidolite has a pink-purple appearance and is known as the stone of transition. It may be less well-known than the other crystals that we have mentioned in this list, but it certainly is powerful. It works to assist in the release and reorganisation of old behavioural and psychological patterns to gently bring change – perfect for changing your sleep pattern! 

Other benefits of lepidolite include; deepening emotional healing, removing negative energy, clearing electromagnetic pollution from the body and auric field, aiding in overcoming dependency or addiction, strengthening the immune system and stabilising mood swings. 

How can I use these crystals to help me sleep?

  • Meditate while holding your crystals before bed
  • Put a small tumble stone under your pillow or mattress
  • Place your crystal on your bedside table
  • Create a simple crystal grid by placing one crystal at each corner of your bed frame

Have you found that crystals have helped improve your quality and quantity of sleep? Which crystal has worked best for you? Let us know. 

Rachel Smith
Rachel Smith is a developing psychic medium and healer. She has a keen interest in spiritual and mental health and wellbeing. Rachel also works freelance as a copywriter and social media manager. She is passionate about animals and runs an animal website,

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